Healthcare Industry  Expert Testimonials

Healthcare Industry Expert Testimonials

"As a nurse in the emergency room,

I frequently encounter elderly and bed-bound patients arriving via ambulance. It is disheartening to witness them spending extended hours in the Emergency Room for procedures as routine as administering IV fluids or updating vital signs with their physician, only to be discharged home shortly after. I am appreciative of the service offered by NURSE60, as it alleviates the strain on emergency services by delivering quality care to patients in the familiar and comforting environment of their homes. This not only reduces the number of distressed patients in the emergency room but also ensures they receive the attention they need in a more conducive setting."

Celia - RN

William - MD

"Irwin, the founder of NURSE60

demonstrates exceptional vision and leadership. Throughout our collaborative experiences in various hospital and healthcare environments, he consistently spearheaded initiatives to address challenges, whether revitalizing struggling facilities or implementing policies and procedures that enhanced outcomes for both patients and staff.

NURSE60 offers a solution that relieves the burden of sending elderly patients to the emergency room late at night for tasks such as unclogging feeding tubes, which can be effectively managed in a home setting. I extend my gratitude to Irwin for his innovative approach and dedication to improving patient care."

"Several years ago, Irwin approached me with an urgent request...

for a nurse to assist a family member. Unfortunately, I was unable to provide assistance at that time. As a client of mine in the healthcare sector, his statement, "there has to be a way," resonated deeply with me. I was confident he would tackle the issue, but I never anticipated it would be to this extent. I commend him for his remarkable efforts."

Samantha, RN, VP HHA